Monday, August 7, 2017

Celebrating TWO Birthdays

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. She just turned 94. It was also my baby sister's birthday. Not nearly 94....

I haven't been running around much lately, so I decided to put my at home time to good use. I made my mom a quilt for her birthday

She loved the quilt....and the cake and ice cream was a hit!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Quilt Meeting

Sunday was our monthly quilt meeting. I took this quilt top for show and tell:

I even managed to deliver a Quilt of Valor this week. Awarded to the husband of a high school friend:

That's all for tonight!


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Quilt Bindings

I seem to have a backlog of quilts to be bound. One of my favorite things to do. This should keep me busy for a little while!

Happy stitching!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

It's All Quiet Here

I love this quiet time. Hubby has gone to bed and it's peaceful. Not that he is loud, just that the tv stays on one channel. No channel serving for this girl!

Where to start.....last July I had a not so good mammogram. I went back for further testing. With the results from the films, my surgeon decided to do a surgical biopsy. It really wasn't bad at all. She said she removed the suspicious area and more tissue around it. I was back in full swing by the end of the week. Fast forward to January 2017, I go back for a mammogram to see if everything is still ok. Nope...."need further evaluation". I opted for an MRI. Let me tell was interesting. Forty minutes in a booming tube. Results...."need further evaluation" On to the next procedure. Needle guessed it..."need further evaluation. This time my surgeon had to tell me that the biopsy had shown cancer cells. That was last Thursday. On Monday she removed the lump (about the size of a pea) and four lymph nodes from under my armpit. I am three days post-op. The biggest pain seems to be coming from under my arm. I go back again next Tuesday to see my surgeon for lab results from this procedure... Thinking positively. It will be what it is. I told my surgeon that we need to stop meeting like this. She said I was stuck with her for 5 years and a mammogram every 6 months. Also will do radiation treatments, five weeks at 5 days per week. And then there is always the fun thought of taking a hormone suppressant drug for 5 years.

On the quilt front, I have two Quilts of Valor ready to be delivered to two high school classmates of my husband. And my long arm quilter has given me 8 quilts back to be bound. Good thing I love to bind!

So that's it for this girl. Looking forward to make more quilts as fast as I can!

Sewing, Sewing, Sewing


Saturday, May 14, 2016

New Quilt Started!

Its been a busy two days here. I started a new quilt on Wednesday night but haven't managed to get back to it yet. My sister had a two day garage sale. We sold a ton of baby clothes for dirt cheap. Kind of makes me sad to see all the beautiful little clothes go so quickly, but also glad that someone else will be able to enjoy them.

I found a cute pattern in Fons & Porters new magazine. Looked fairly easy and I even had all the fabric I needed to get started. I finished all the blocks in one evening. The sashing will take a bit longer. I like to make sure that the blocks are straight. A little more difficult when you aren't using corner stones. So I generally take my time marking everything.

Here is a quick pic of my new quilt in progress. Say Hello to "Hi Again"

Hope to be stitching again by tomorrow!!


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cute Overload

Couldn't resist posting a picture of my daughter and her boyfriend. I may be a little partial!!

Lottery Block Quilt Top

Our quilting group recently had an event that I call "Bring Em Back". I usually give the members about a year and half to get some of the block lottery sets that they have won put together into a top. I then ask them to Bring Em Back for a show and tell. This year it was in April. I always wait til the last minute to put my top together. This year I had won a set of patriotic blocks and put them together the week prior to our meeting. At least I got a top together! lol The quilt below is mine. Just need to pick out a backing and get it made. As an incentive to bring a top (new or old), I always give them a prize for taking the time to bring one back. My friends always kid me about my "fabulous gifts and prizes". This year I made a cute pincushion that you can tie onto your sewing machine. It's exactly where you need it! I took mine off to make a pattern for them and found that I was constantly trying to put pins in a pincushion that wasn't there. Amazing how we get so accustomed to things being in a certain place!

It's always a challenge to decide how to set the blocks. I get tired of the same old straight set. I'll have to find some of the other blocks that I have won and put them on here.

Time for bed. I have a busy day tomorrow. I am taking my 92 year old mom to a doctor's appointment in a nearby city. I'm sure it will be an all day event.

Hope you are finding time to do a bit of sewing!