Monday, January 31, 2011

Doing A Happy Dance!

Although we are expecting about an inch of ice late tonight, I am doing a happy dance! Not because of the ice, but because I was able to go to Best Buys today and retrieve my laptop. Thanks goodness I had purchased their black tie protection plan. They replaced my screen, the cable from the screen to the mother board, and the motherboard at no charge!!! This is the second time I've sent it back for work, and each time it has been at no charge. Unfortunately, my protection plan runs out in July of this year, so keep your fingers crossed that nothing else will go wrong after that date.

So while I was computerless, I really thought I would get lots of sewing done. Nope, just sat around doing nothing!! What a lazy girl.

I did finish a quilt for the Grand Opening of the quilt shop where I work. It was a hit at the opening! Here's my picture of it.

The quilt pattern is called Fire & Ice. How appropriate for the upcoming weather!

Stay safe and warm....