Monday, April 23, 2012's been a long time since I've posted here. With all the talk about the new blogger interface....who knows if you will ever hear from me again! Sounds like Blogger is going the same way as Facebook and it's Timeline.

Just so you don't think I've been sitting on my duff (well I sorta have), I have been sewing 40 x 60 quilt tops for Project Linus. Right now I think I have 14 finished, four are at my friend's house to be quilted. The last quilt I made I gave to my great niece, Carynn, with a pillowcase to match.

This is probably the easiest pattern I have ever used. I found it on MaryQuilts.

The other quilt top that I've used came from a site that I found on the Internet. I get a chuckle every time I think about it's name. Kick Ass Quilts

I belong to a group of ladies that meet the first Sunday of each month. We call ourselves Piecemakers. Each month we do a Block Lottery. Our hostess will pick a block and everyone makes that block. At the end of our meeting, a name is chosen from those that participated, and they take all the blocks home with them. This is a picture of one of the quilts made from these blocks. I loved the fractured look of this quilt. I think one of these is in my future!

That's enough chatter from me. Hope you all are having a wonderful day!