Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cutting, Piecing, Sewing

I wish that would be what I'm doing! Unfortunately, I've been procrastinating once again. So little time and so much more I would love to do.

I'm hoping to make a cute Circle Ear Bud case for my great nephew. I just need to find the perfect fabric for a 10 year old.

Still wondering when I'll find time to put up the Christmas tree. I wish my daughter was home to help!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Fun Day

Today was a fun day. I got up early and was on the road by 8:30 am (really early for me)

I finished an embroidery project for a cute little girl that I know who is in the 6th grade. I put her school logo on a black sweatshirt, and then put her school lettering down the right sleeve. It looks so cute! Her birthday is Tuesday and I finished it just in time.

Then I went to my sister's house. One little bundle of joy was waiting there for me. She is such an awesome baby. She seems to be smiling almost all the time. She took a couple of naps and we played a little on the floor. Sure doesn't take much to make me happy! Tomorrow I set my dial on repeat and I get to spend time with Miss Sydney again.

Still not looking like Christmas around here....no tree....no baking...and no cleaning. Ugh! I'm hoping to finish my Christmas shopping this Wednesday and then maybe I'll have a little more Christmas spirit.

On the sewing front, I haven't done much lately. I just heard from my longarm quilter that she finished the quilt I want for Christmas. I made a simple Jelly Roll Race that I will give to a member of my family for Christmas. I think I'll put everyone's name in a hat and pull a name! That should be fun (for the winner).

Posting For Dixie!

My friend, Dixie, told me the other day that I hadn't blogged for some time. Looking at the last post, I can see that she is right! So just for Dixie, I will post a picture of my 2012 Christmas quilt. I try to make a new Christmas quilt each year. You can probably tell that this is just the top. It's not quilted yet and probably won't be quilted til after Christmas. Lots going on around here. We've had two babies born in the last five months. What a joy each baby has been. We were blessed with a little girl, Sydney, and a little boy, Easton. I have another quilt that is ready to be quilted made from a layer cake. Will post a picture in another post. Maybe I can get back into the swing of blogging again. Don't hold your breath, I would hate for anyone to expire waiting on me!