Sunday, August 26, 2012

New To Me Use For My Vegetable Brush!

Hey, just thought I'd let you in on the use of my vegetable brush. I love it when I can make an item do double duty! I have a large design wall in my basement, but everytime I put a quilt or quilt blocks on it I end up with a ton of strings all over it. If I put a new quilt up I get some of those strings on the back of the new quilt, so I spend a lot of time using a lint brush roller to get them off the wall. Today, I decided there had to be an easier way. Yep, enter my vegetable brush. Here is a pick of a small portion of my design wall before I cleaned it with the vegetable brush! And this is what it looks like after I finished brushing it: And this is a picture of the reason I wanted to start with a clean design wall. My daughter asked me make a quilt for a friend of hers that is getting married on October 6, 2012. With the time constraints, I opted to make a lap quilt. More time....bigger quilt....sorry Sara. I think the couple will like it. Sara said that their colors are black, gray, and white. I just had to add a pop of red! I think the binding will be red too! You can find this quilt pattern on . It's under the free patterns and it's called Nature Rythms. Til Next Time~

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fabric Intervention

I'm positive I need someone to slap my hands everytime I go near the computer. I have a room full of fabric and what do I do? I searched for a particular fabric tonight until I found every piece that I needed to do a quilt. The last time I did that, my daughter and I were sitting together on the couch trying to see who could find "her" fabric first. So, if anyone can tell me how to resist the lure of the online fabric shops, I would sure love to hear about it!!! See you next time.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

To Have and To Hold

I have had a very busy summer this year. I have been going to Lamaze classes -- a new baby being born -- a wedding this last week, -- my mom's 90th birthday is tomorrow -- and another new baby coming in November. My daughter is moving in September so a week of September will be spent helping her move. I have made about 20 tops for Project Linus, but since I don't quilt them myself it has been very slow getting them finished. Seems like everytime I get one ready to donate, someone in my family puts their name on it! My nephew was married yesterday at the Browning Amphitheater on the campus of The Ohio State University. They make such a lovely couple and seem to be very much in love. There was very little shade and the temperature was around 91. Thankfully they had ice water for everyone and cute little hand fans so we didn't all wilt before the reception. Here's a cute pic of my daughter at the wedding reception: That's all for now. Hopefully it won't be so long in between posts.