Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Opportunity Quilt

So we've been working on our guild's Fall Opportunity Quilt since last Fall. Our show will be in October and we hope to start selling the tickets in March 2011. The ladies have done a wonderful job on this quilt. The applique in the borders is beautiful. I did have a small part in this quilt. I think I made 27 of the connector blocks. Pat Harmon did all the applique by hand (which is just stunning). I think there were four or five other ladies that made the "flower" blocks.

We took the quilt to a local church last week to get a good photo. We like to give each guild member a copy of the photo to help with the selling of the quilt. Below is what we came up with. The quilt is 116 x 117 and presented a number of challenges during the shoot. The close up of the applique was taken by a local professional studio.