Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I finished the bridal quilt. Actually finished it about a week before I needed it. It just kept growing and growing and growing, so it ended up being a King size quilt. I'm not sure why my camera is taking such bad pictures lately, I may need to send it in and have them clean it.

Here's a pic of the finished quilt:

Sara is back from Panama City Beach, Florida. She spent a week there on spring break. Back to the ole grind today. She started classes this morning at 7:30 am. The good news is that she will be coming home for Easater! Can't wait to see her!

Time for bed now.


Terry said...

It looks great! Congrats on getting it finished! :0)

Shelly said...

I really like that quilt. I love the colors . . . Great job!!