Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Scrappy Stars

Our valley has been hit by a lot of snow recently. The schools have been closed on several occassions in the last two weeks. Although it is beautiful to see...some people just shouldn't be allowed to drive in it. I'm sure as I get older, the younger generation will say the same thing about me!

The good news is that my friend Peg, who works at a local school, had the day off! We decided to go to lunch and then return to my home for an afternoon of "play." We both belong to a local group that meets the first Sunday of each month called Piecemaker's. Peg won the lottery blocks from this group several months ago. She brought her blocks today and we made some small adjustments to the blocks and were able to come up with a placement design that we both liked. I wish I could remember where I found the tutorial for this block, but I think it makes a striking quilt! Peg will cut sashing strips and sew the top together so that she can bring it back to our "show n tell" at our April meeting.

Excited about my daughter coming home this week. Love spending time with her!

Stay safe and warm!

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Terry said...

I love those blocks! They're going to make a wonderful quilt! :0)