Thursday, February 4, 2016

I Love To Do Binding!

I know that many people don't like to bind, I find it very relaxing. I do lots of binding for my friends. Yesterday, I picked up 6 quilts from my longarmer. I will be starting those very soon. Another friend gave me two big quilts to bind for her. This should keep me busy for a little while. This is the stack I just picked up:

There are two big ones in the stack, but the rest of them are small baby sizes.

I have been making Quilts Of Valor for at least five years. My quilts have been sent all over the United States and Germany. I decided last year that I would like to make QOV's for the men from my high school class. Since we graduated in 1968, most of these men served in Viet Nam. As I work on these, it seems that one classmate leads to another. So far I have given four quilts to classmates. Each time I am in awe as these veterans are emotional with heartfelt thanks. One of them told me he was humbled and that it was the most precious gift he has ever been given. My list includes two other veterans, another Viet Nam vet and one who served two tours in Afganistan. The young man who served in Afganistan is a friend of my daughter. It took me awhile to make connections with him, but it was worth the effort. Look at that smile!

Hope you are having a fabulous February!

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