Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lottery Block Quilt Top

Our quilting group recently had an event that I call "Bring Em Back". I usually give the members about a year and half to get some of the block lottery sets that they have won put together into a top. I then ask them to Bring Em Back for a show and tell. This year it was in April. I always wait til the last minute to put my top together. This year I had won a set of patriotic blocks and put them together the week prior to our meeting. At least I got a top together! lol The quilt below is mine. Just need to pick out a backing and get it made. As an incentive to bring a top (new or old), I always give them a prize for taking the time to bring one back. My friends always kid me about my "fabulous gifts and prizes". This year I made a cute pincushion that you can tie onto your sewing machine. It's exactly where you need it! I took mine off to make a pattern for them and found that I was constantly trying to put pins in a pincushion that wasn't there. Amazing how we get so accustomed to things being in a certain place!

It's always a challenge to decide how to set the blocks. I get tired of the same old straight set. I'll have to find some of the other blocks that I have won and put them on here.

Time for bed. I have a busy day tomorrow. I am taking my 92 year old mom to a doctor's appointment in a nearby city. I'm sure it will be an all day event.

Hope you are finding time to do a bit of sewing!


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