Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Quilt/Amish Shop Hop

I know it's been a long time since I've updated. My life has been spinning faster and faster each day. It's almost time to take down the "13 Lucky Cats" quilt and I'm just now getting a picture of it posted.

The last two days were spent going on a shop hop. We went to 12 shops in two days. We are just getting too old to do it all in one day. The fabric line is The New Year's Quilt Collection. It's from the Elm Creek series of books. The fabric is beautful!

The only bad thing about shop hopping is the amount of money you drop at the stores in addition to buying the quilt block kits.

Last week I received an email from a lady that I met on the hop two years ago. She had graciously sent me the last two blocks of that year's hop when I was unable to make it to the last two shops. This year, she and her friend were unable to make the hop (they come from Indiana) and asked me if I would mind picking up two extra sets of blocks. Of course I did! I am happy to say that we are finished with the hop for this year and I now have possession of three sets of blocks. I'll hand them off to the ladies from Indiana in November. I've never met a quilter that hasn't been willing to help another quilter.

This weekend, I hope to start another quilt for my daughter. This one she has requested and was a big help in tracking down the fabric online. The fabric was from last year so we had to go online and do a bit of detective work.


Terry said...

Hi Joyce! Wasn't the shop hop great? We did it in two days too...I can't even imagine making it to all twelve shops in just one day!

kjquilts said...

Joyce, I like your 13 Lucky Cats quilt. I'm making one too! You asked about the framed stitcherys on my blog. The designer is a local quilter. She sells her patterns at my favorite quilt shop. Come and visit again soon!

Carole said...

Cute quilt! I love Halloween!