Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh Yeah, She's Home

Oh yeah, she's home alright. And along with her came two weeks of laundry. This picture is a partial look at the laundry she brought home with her. I've already done the sheets, mattress pad cover, and a load of towels. I guess it's a good thing that I like to do laundry. As you can see, I still have Christmas decorations up in my house. I really need to get those down! Maybe tomorrow!
We had a bit of scare tonight. Sara left Columbus at 4 pm and was going to stop on her way home to fill her car up with gas. When she stopped about 20 miles out of Columbus, she discovered that someone had tried to gain access to her gas tank. They had inserted something into the locking gas cap and she was unable to put gas in her car. She is still 100 miles from home! After discussing the situation with her dad, they decided that she probably had enough gas to get home (only one quarter of a tank). Thankfully, her boyfriend was traveling home with her. They were in separate cars, so if she did run out of gas at least she wouldn't be sitting on the side of the road alone. She did arrive home safely and with just a whisper of gas in the tank. After her dad checked the gas cap, he decided that there really wasn't anything in the lock except ICE. He had to heat the cap, but once that was done, he could easily insert the key and unlock the cap.
A friend of mine gave me about 100 four patches. She wanted me to donate a quilt top to our "County Home" project. (We are making 40 twin size quilts for the county home.) Well last night I decided to start on them. I only used 48 of the four patches. I bordered each set with a color that complimented the flowers in the patches she had given to me. I think I used five different colors. I will try to post a picture of the top tomorrow. I stayed up til 4 am to finish the top. Then I got up at 9 am. I feel like I should go to bed, but I'm really not sleepy.
I guess as soon as this load of towels is finished spinning, I'll throw them in the dryer and go to bed.


Mark Lipinski said...

Baby, I never came home from ANYWHERE without a ton of laundry for my poor mom. Didn't appreciate it then, but sure do now! She'd wash all weekend while I partied with high school friends then saw her in just enough time to pack up my clean clothes and head back to college! LOL Yes, I was a spoiled brat.

Thank goodness it was only ice on the gas cap. Any little car repair costs an arm and a leg!


JudyL said...

I got a bit of laundry Friday when Chad got home too. Glad your daughter made it home safely and it must have made you feel so good that she had her boyfriend traveling with her!

materialgirl said...

You're lucky! My laundry room always looks like that. Two teenage girls at home and they never go away.