Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bears In The Farm House

I just finished my half square triangles for the Quilt A Long I'm doing with Judy L. As usual I wait til the last minute. Sara just left for OSU and I really didn't want to work on them while she was home. We had a great day on Saturday. Just bumming around together.

I watched my great nephew and great niece on Friday. The are such good kids. They were only here for a couple of hours. Thank goodness I kept several of Sara's toys. We got out the doll house and then the Legos. Carynn was very interested in my sewing, so who knows, she may end up being a quilter!! Here's a pic of Carynn, she was fascinated with my thimbles.


materialgirl said...

She's a cutie. With three thimbles at a time, she should be able to whip out quilts pretty fast.

Terry said...

Awe...what a cute picture of little Carynn! She's a sweetie! And congrats on getting your HSTs made on time! :0)