Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Colonia Manor Project Finished

I just got back home from the Colonial Manor County Home. It was amazing to be a part of this group effort. The residents were so appreciative of the quilts. I hope that having our program was a little bit of sunshine for them. As we entered the center, we were told that the county home will be closing and they had just told the residents today. At least they will be able to take their quilts with them. Some will be moved to nursing home facilities and others to group homes, and still others will go with family. It was so sad to hear some of the residents talk about leaving their friends.

We had a small program for the residents. We sang patriotic songs, played quilt block bingo, had our own "Betsy Ross" tell us about the making of our first flag. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Princess will be home this weekend. Yea!

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materialgirl said...

Joyce, it was a great group effort but you do not take credit for all that you contributed. You worked so hard and did so many of these quilts and you made up kits for others to do, plus you made all the labels. You did even more but not enough room here to tell everything. Your tireless work is surely appreciated. And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!