Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Judy's Quilt Along

I received the second set of directions for Judy's Bear's in the Farmhouse Quilt Along project. I am a little intimidated by the number of half square triangles. I know I can make them, but that's a lot of half squares.

Above are the fabrics that I've chosen. I usually stay far far away from stripes, but this may be a great opportunity to overcome my aversion to them.

I finished a quilt top for one of my friends. It was a block lottery that she won at our local quilting group. Again, this was an old project. I think I've had it since 2003. I'll have to look at the group's records and see exactly how old it is. It was suppose to be an easy set, but when you are working with blocks from 20 different people, it was definitely a challenge. One that I'm not sure I did well. I'll just be glad to give it back to her. It's been staring me in the face for the last year, mocking me on my design wall. The picture I took is not very good, but I'll post here anyway.

My princess is coming home again in about nine days. I'm sure glad she and her boyfriend travel together. It makes it less stressful for me knowing she is not alone for the trip.

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Terry said...

Welcome to the club Joyce! I almost fainted when I saw that I had to make 192 HSTs for the next step in Judy's quilt! I'm not a little intimidated...I'm a LOT intimidated!!