Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Superbowl Commercials

Ok, you will rarely see a picture of me, since I am usually the one behind the camera. This is me and my sister being goofy and getting ready to watch the Superbowl commercials. I think we'll keep it a secret as to which one of these two lovlies is actually me! I sent this picture to my daughter and she sent a text back saying "Oh mom!"

Today I worked on a Valentine table topper for my sister . It has been awhile since I've actually worked on anything. I need to stop reading blogs and get back to my sewing machine.

I am truly impressed with all the wonderful talent out in blogland.

Sorry this picture is turned the wrong way. I forgot to rotate it. I think you can see ok if you click on the picture. This is a quilt I sent down to The Victory Junction Gang Camp. My friend's daughter is in medical school and she volunteers there in the summer. So Alicia took the quilt with her to donate. I hope the child that got it has enjoyed having it.

I just took another look at the picture of me and my sister, and trust me, I should stick to quilt pictures!


Terry said...

OK...I want to know which one is you! That way when we finally get around to meeting in person I'll know who I'm looking for! :0)

Beth said...

I love the work that Victory Junction Camp does. I am a huge Nascar fan (love to hand quilt while watching races on TV). That is so cool that your daughter works there and that you send quilts there! Good for you!

materialgirl said...

I know which one Joyce is and let me tell you that she is much cuter than that photo shows. It does look like you are having fun though. About your stash, WHEW!!! I am so impressed.