Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2009 Shop Hop

Well, it's been a long time again. I'm not sure where all my time goes. I can guarantee you it's not spent cleaning! I wish I could say that I've been busy sewing, but I can't even claim that excuse. Seems like I'm just fiddling away my time.

Tomorrow is going to be a fun time. I am going on the Amish Shop Hop with two of my friends. We will visit nine of the shops, and finish the last three on Thursday. I love going to all the different shops and just looking at all the samples on the walls. The girls that are going with me are so much fun. I hope I don't break the bank. I love to shop!

Maybe I'll post some pictures tomorrow night. Hopefully I won't be too tired!

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Deb said...

How exciting, you'll have a fabulous and fun day I am sure Joyce. Enjoy every minute.