Sunday, January 17, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Yep, she's home again, and yes, there was laundry involved in her arrival! I really don't mind. I like to do laundry.

She got home last night (Friday). I'm always excited to see her. This morning we went to get her bangs cut, then there was the trip to Wal-Mart. I never go on Saturday, but I didn't have much choice today. Tonight we went to see a movie, The Lovely Bones. Not sure it was a favorite of mine. I wanted it to end differently. Tomorrow we are heading north to the mall, where I'm sure she will hit me up for something! Monday a doctor's appointment for her and then by 2:30 pm, she should be on her way back to Columbus :(

I'm trying to finish three quilts. All they need are their bindings. I just can't seem to sit long enough to get them done.

Here's a picture of my lovely daughter on New Year's Eve:

Hope to have more quilt pictures for you later.


Deb said...

Joyce, what a lovely photo of Sara. She is so petite,
The Lovely Bones-more New Zealand scenery for you to take in whilst watching. Peter Jackson is such an amazing director.
hugs Deb

materialgirl said...

You are right, Sara looks much better in that dress than the model does. Looks like she had a good time at the party. Glad to hear she got home for a few days, enjoy while you can. The bindings will wait.

Joyce said...

Deb, she is tiny. We went shopping today and she bought mostly size "0" Her boyfriend is 6'6" and she is just barely 5'3".
Sherry, you are right. The bindings will wait, but not sure Amy and Karen will wait for me. I still need to make 7 blocks for our charity quilt!

Quiltsmiles said...

What a lovely girl. I hope you enjoyed her being home and had the time to get to those bindings.
Thanks for your nice comments to my blog and my fabric purchase, VBHG!