Saturday, February 6, 2010

There's A Snowman In My Future!

NOT! I think I'll just sit here in the house and stay warm. We got about 15" of snow last night! Way too much for us. My husband can't even get the tractor out of our garage to plow the driveway. Seems like when I can leave the house, I don't want that I can't get out, all I want to do is leave.

Should probably go to the sewing room and make a dent on the string blocks I need for a wedding gift. The bridal shower is March 23, and I only have 16 blocks made.

Here's a pic of the back of our property. You can't really tell how deep it is, but the snow looks so pretty hanging on the pines.


Terry said...

It sure does look pretty out there, but I'm staying in too!

materialgirl said...

I'm staying inside too. I have work to do and sewing and cooking to do. I'd really like to just watch old movies on television though. I feel so lazy today.