Sunday, January 31, 2016

New Puppies and Treasured Quilts

Good news on my sister! Looks like she will be coming home tomorrow. I'm sure she will be super happy about that. She said she hasn't been able to sleep much at the hospital.

I don't usually "fix" quilt tops, but this quilt was dear to my heart. It was made by a very good friend of mine who lost her battle with colon cancer. She gave the quilt her niece. Long story short, her niece got a new puppy and the rest is history. This picture shows the damage that a frisky little puppy can do to a quilt that you treasure.

With a little help from my friends and a few scraps from my stash, I was able to match most of the fabrics and made a repair that wasn't too noticeable.

The above picture is before any replacement quilting was done. My friend, Amy did an amazing job making it all look like there was never a tear in the quilt. The tear did go clear thru to the back, and fortunately I had a little of the backing fabric in my stash. All in all, it was a great save!

Have you ever tried to repair a quilt? Would love to see your pics!

Have a great week!


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