Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finally, Something Quilty

I just finished this quilt top for our local quilt shop. I'm really not a scrappy kind of girl. I find them hard to do, guess I just need more structure.

While we were out for Mother's Day, I snapped a couple photos of Sara. She's not fond of having her picture taken, and that makes it hard for me, since I love to take pictures of her!


Deb said...

Joyce, Sara is a lovely looking young woman and takes a beautiful photo. She should make the most of her age and enjoy having her photo taken!! I love the quilt you made, its really great

materialgirl said...

Love the quilt and it should generate some folks to copy it. Sara is a silly girl. She is so pretty, she should not be surprised that people want to take her picture. She'll be glad later that you did it anyway.

Terry said...

Beautiful quilt! I tend to prefer scrappy things myself! And my Emily is just like your Sara...she nornally turns away when I try to get a picture of her. Silly girls! LOL Enjoy your day! :0)

Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Beautiful, beautiful young woman and awesome quilts! I've been here before and thought what a fun blog you have and a great outlook on life!
I'm featuring "Everything But the Kitchen Sink" on my blog this weekend. Get those scraps woman and try letting your hair down and being scrap happy with other wild women;)