Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Day, New Start

I'm starting a new project today. I'm going to use the "Tom & Jerry" fabric I found at the LQS. I just couldn't resist. I know I have a ton of UFOs, but really, they are UFOs for a reason! Maybe one of these days I'll take an inventory of UFOs. Opps, that might not be a good idea. I've seen the boxes where they are all stored. Maybe I could do a new project and then an old one. Any suggestions? Do I just have to bite the bullet and do them?

I really need to start on my Christmas projects. I read on a blog somewhere that it's only 222 days away. I have at least three Christmas projects I'd like to do before it's time to decorate. Actually, I'd like to have them finished before our guild quilt show.

Sara is Sara. She went to a concert last night with her boyfriend. Dashboard Confessional was playing in downtown Columbus. I guess the tickets were free for OSU students.

Time to run. Maybe I can get Jeff to take me out to eat, and then start my new project!

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Deb said...

Only 222 days till christmas... shock horror.. definitely don't need reminders thanks Joyce, its so scary isn't it.