Tuesday, December 16, 2008

9 Days til Christmas!

Where has the time gone. You know how Christmas sort of sneaks up on you? We've only had 364 days to get ready for this day. I'm always running behind. Still have a few things to buy and lots of stuff I want to make before Christmas. It probably won't get done.
The kid is home from college. She drove home in a terrible ice storm last Friday night. It's great to have her home safe. It took her almost an hour longer than usual, but I was just glad to see her.
Guess I need to buy a turkey for Christmas dinner. We are having our celebration here at our house. It's been here for about the last ten years. My mom did have it at her house last year, but after my dad passed away (ten years ago), she just doesn't want to do it anymore.

Here's my great neice playing with a dollhouse that my daughter played with when she was little:

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Deb said...

Yes JOyce, its is lovely when they come home isn't it. I think they grow up and go away but I still need to grow up and be prepared for it happening!!