Friday, December 5, 2008

Not A Good Evening

Why is that when you think you have everything planned, and all your ducks in a row, something goes wrong. My husband, Jeff, was gone all day today. My plan was to either clean or sew. I know the sewing would have won, but I never even turned my sewing machine on today. I had to deliver seven more of the crib sheets I had made for my mom's church, then of course I had to have lunch with my friend. By then it was too late to start sewing, so I stop at the LQS. I managed to stay there the rest of the day.
Things should have gotten better this evening, yeah, right. I decided to put up our Christmas tree (this is really early for me). We have an artificial three that takes me a little over on hour to assemble. I started putting the lights on the tree at 8 pm and finished at 10 pm. I went downstairs to gather up the ornaments and when I got back upstairs, all the lights were off. If I remember correctly, this happened last year too. I think I put too many light strings (12) all together. Jeff says he thinks I blew the fuse at the plug. Of course he has gone to bed and will look at it tomorrow. I can't put ornaments on a tree without lights, so all the boxes are now sitting in my living room till tomorrow. I'll
post a pic of my tree if I ever get it finished!!!


Deb said...

Good luck for tomorrow, life is never as straight as a ruler ism it?

Terry said...

Sorry about your tree lights! I think I put too many on too but thank goodness mine have never blown a fuse! Hope you get your tree decorated today and can get some sewing done! :0)
BTW...I've nominated your for a Kreativ Blogger award. You can find the details on my blog! :0)