Friday, December 19, 2008

Squishy in the Mail

My mailman brought me the most fabulous squishy today from Terry. I signed up for her PIF (Pay It Forward). I reposted it here on my blog, so far no takers. I was thrilled with all the items in the envelope. I'll try to take a picture of everything this weekend.

We are traveling to Columbus this weekend. Sara and I are going down Saturday morning. Her roommate has already left for home and we just want to check on everything. Leaving the apartment unattended for any length of time is not a good thing in Columbus. If the plasma tv is still there (please God, let it be there), we are going to bring it home with us. Someone tried to break in at her friend's house with people still in the apartment!

Last Saturday, Sara and I tried making a cute little candy thing for my quilt group. We meet the first Sunday of the month and I was hosting with a friend. Well she had this idea to make the mini pretzels with Hershey kisses on top. You put them in the oven at 275 for about 2-3 minutes then pull them out and place an M&M on top and press down. They were looking great. We had two cookie sheets finished. Sara decided they needed to go in the refrigerator so I was balancing a cookie sheet and talking to her at the same time. I can't do two things at once, obviously, the cookie sheet tipped and I ended up with melted chocolate down the inside wall of my fridge, on the floor, and into the cracks and crevices of my fruit bin. Two and a half hours later, I have the cleanest fridge in Tuscarawas County. We did manage to not drop the other cookie sheet and I took those to the meeting. It's funny now, but if you had talked to me at 3 am, I wasn't finding any of it humorous.

Again, thank you Terry, for the wonderful package.

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Terry said...

You're very welcome Joyce! I'm glad you liked everything! If you don't get enough sign ups for your PIF just let me know and I'll do it again! Giving away things is fun! :0)
And sorry about your mess! Wanna come over and clean my fridge next? ;0)